Board Meeting of Arctic MTB

We are Arctic MTB, the mountain bike racing division of the Arctic Bike Club, and we are here to deliver a summer filled with action-packed racing.

Our races are geared toward ALL levels of mountain bikers.

A wide range of race categories makes it easy for you to find just the right fit. From Juniors to Masters, Sport to Expert, we’ve got everyone covered. Have a low gear ratio? Tires a little fat? We have categories for you, too. So, come on, race with us, for your first time or your twenty-fifth! Sign up for our pre-season, Kincaid series, and special event races here. You’re guaranteed to have a blast!

To learn more about racing, check out our FAQs »

Under the umbrella of the Arctic Bike Club, Arctic MTB is part of a long history of organized bike events in the Anchorage area. Originally founded in the 1970s, the Arctic Bike Club now offers three divisions: Recreational, Road Racing, and Mountain Bike Racing. The ABC divisions offer rides and races for all skill levels from April through September each year. The 501c(4) nonprofit organization is dedicated to promoting bicycling safety, education, and friendly competition.

Whether you race, commute, or just enjoy the occasional ride, the Arctic Bike Club has something for you.