ArcticMTB’s Pay Dirt Point System

What is “Pay Dirt”? Most of us use trails year round, especially our singletrack, and we have many people to thank for this community resource. This year, ArcticMTB is asking our racers to give back. The good news is that if you already weed whack with Single Track Advocates (STA), or come out on National Trails Day, this counts toward your hours!

Pay Dirt is Volunteering! A minimum of 6 hours of trail labor as recorded by trail crew coordinators in South Central Alaska will earn racers a lump award of 50 points to be applied to the XC series totals. This means that to win a division, you will need to help our trails out this summer. Get your hours to the ArcticMTB Race Director ( by August 9th, 2019!

If you record more than the minimum 6 hours for this year’s initiative, please make sure you document the additional hours. They will likely be of use in future events.


Definition – A volunteer hour is defined as one person providing one hour of service. Volunteer activities include, but are not limited to: trail maintenance, trail building, weed whacking in Anchorage, Girdwood, Mirror Lake, Kepler-Bradley, or GPRA.

Documentation of Hours – All volunteer hours must be documented and verifiable. Trail maintenance hours must be signed by an authorized trail maintenance organizer and submitted to the ARCTIC MTB race director by August 8th, 2018. Volunteer hours at events must be documented by an authorized event volunteer coordinator on site.
Confirmation of Hours – Racers are responsible for verifying the accurate recording of their name, team affiliation, and hours on the official trail crew volunteer roster at each event.